Munich has been one of my favourite cities this trip. I hadn’t previously been to Germany before and was so excited to be able to stay with my friend for a week.
My week was full of bier, brezn and beautiful sites. I visited the English Garden many times and drunk the first of my favourite German bier, Hofbrau, next to the Chinese Tower.

Now I’m from Australia and the biggest stereotype we have is that we’re all surfers. I suppose I can surf small waves but I’ve never been a big surfer. So you can imagine I was so surprised to see people surfing in a river! There’s a wave created on the river in the English Garden by the rocks on the riverbed and people surf the one wave. The wave looked difficult and required a lot of turns and tricks – I could’ve watched them for hours, I was in awe!

The highlight was climbing the Olympia Tower which gives an amazing view out over all of Munich. We were lucky with the weather on the day we went because it was sunny and clear and we could see all the way to the alps in south.

If you like vintage shopping, Munich has an amazing store called Pick N Weight where the price of the clothes is measured by – you guessed it, weight! They had so many gorgeous and high quality clothes and even had second hand dirndls. I know where I’ll be going if I come back for Oktoberfest.

My week in Germany could not have been possible without my friends who have moved there. Their tour guiding made me feel like a real local and it was so much fun to see them again. I think getting to know people from around the world is so valuable and gives you an opportunity to learn so much more about other cultures and ways of life.

Munich, I will definitely be back!

– s.